July 2015 News

7/16/2015 – Latest dispatch from 22 degrees north latitude by 159 degrees west longitude ~

*In honor of the upcoming 50th reunion of the class of ’65, I have released a free download of my long-unfinished 1988 recording Class Of ’65 – now complete and freshly mastered. Enjoy…


Featuring AT recording band stalwarts Michael Ruff on keyboards, Bryan Kessler on electric guitar, Cliff Hugo on bass, Rick Schlosser on drums, and yours truly on vocals and rhythm guitar. Originally recorded in 1988 by producer Stephen Barncard as part of ‘The Island CD sessions, but never finished or released till now, with new vocals, keyboards, mixing and mastering. 

Please share with any geezers, pre-geezers or post-geezers who might appreciate a light-hearted look back in time.



Cover shot of 'Class of '65' single-song download.

Cover shot of ‘Class of ’65’ single-song download. Al Thomas with the Majestic’s


*Been busy at Black Bamboo Studios producing and recording the last track of the Dave Rullo Band’s six-song EP. Featuring Dave on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Anjela Rose and AT on backing vocals, Kirk Smart on lap steel and electric guitar, Michael Ruff on various keyboards, with Trey Thompson on bass and Rick Schlosser on drums. Stay tuned for release date info.


* We’re continually making headway with the writing and recording of the as-yet untitled AT CD #6.


*The instrumental ‘Ka Wai Aloha’ from the Coconut Culture CD has been getting some soundtrack action, featured in several new videos including Black Dog Farms and Amy Marvin real estate companies.


* Deep Water’ continues it’s slow but steady climb to world-wide album chart domination, garnering radio play on select stations throughout the cosmos, while also single-handedly racking up bazillions of plays on Spotify, Pandora and quite a few of the other streaming outlets. It won’t be long before you’ll see  the name Allan Thomas emblazoned across billboards, buses, aerial advertisements and the like…stay tuned for the latest news from the heart of Black Bamboo land.

All the best for now – AT