April 2018 News

Kalihiwai, Hawaii.

Couldn’t wait another minute to tell you how excited I am about finishing the recording phase of my 6th album ‘Two Sides To Every Story’. It’s taken six years to get here but I believe it’s worth the wait to have found the right tunes and the most amazing array of musicians to play on them. Releasing an album never gets old, and I’m drifting on cloud ninety-nine listening to this collection of tracks, the whole of which is the culmination of releasing a record every decade since the 60’s. Regarding the the driving need to keep writing and recording after all these years, allow me to quote Donald Fagen: “It’s what I do, what I do. It’s not some game I play, it’s in my DNA, it’s what I do.”

The record contains 15 songs comprised of eight vocal tracks and seven instrumentals. Ranging from a solo acoustic slack-key guitar instrumental to full-blown ensemble settings with some of the world’s tastiest musicians. Several compositions aim to lighten things up a bit entering the smirk-inducing territory of ‘The Dating Game’ – a dude’s-eye look into some of the head-scratching aspects of on-line dating, and ‘Geezer Talk’ – a lighthearted laundry list of the daily ailments thrust upon unsuspecting baby boomers. A few tunes present the wistful and wishful thinking of one who dreams big as in ‘Is That Asking Too Much?!’ and ‘If Only’. While ‘Troubled Times’ takes an unflinching look at a few of the darkly disturbing aspects of the present world we find ourselves in.

Many of the tunes have been written recently, but the instrumental  ‘In Search Of…’ goes all the way back to Malibu California, 1973. Some things take a while…

Instrumentals and vocals. Humorville and deadly serious. Two sides…

Now to the business side of things: Soon I’ll be announcing an on-line Kickstarter fund drive to raise the dough for the last phase of this release: Mixing, mastering and manufacturing. I’ve never asked for financial help to release a record before, but that was then and this is now. For those of you, my legion of longtime AT advocates, groupies and fans who would like to help ‘Two Sides To Every Story’ see the light of day, this would be a good opportunity to show us the love if you feel so inclined. For anyone wishing to get on board the fundraising effort sooner please contact me at allant6@gmail.com for directions on where to deliver that car full of cash. I’m hoping for a July or August release date. Please stay tuned for the formal Kickstarter fundraising campaign launch replete with some sample tracks from the record and a music video or two directed by Stephen Barncard.

Produced and recorded by yours truly with a lot of help from my friends.


AT – vocals, acoustic, nylon string, electric guitar and percussion.
Bryan Kessler (Hawaiian Style Band) acoustic and electric guitar.
Kirk Smart (Donald Fagen, Donavon Frankenreiter) bottleneck slide and electric guitar.
Jim Kimo West (Weird Al Yankovik) acoustic guitar.

Two Sides To Every Story CD front cover artwork

‘Two Sides To Every Story’ CD front cover artwork    Bret Linford

Jimmy Johnson (James Taylor, Steve Gadd) bass.
Keith Carlock (Steely Dan, Sting) drums.
William Kennedy (Yellowjackets, Herbie Hancock) drums.
Joel Taylor (Joe Sample, Allan Holdsworth, Rock Band video game) drums.
Michael Ruff (Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones, David Sanborn) keyboards.
Russell Ferrante (Yellowjackets, Joni Mitchell) acoustic piano.
James Raymond (Crosby Stills and Nash, Jackson Browne) keyboards.
Charles Judge (David Bowie, Miley Cyrus) keyboards.
Michael Whittaker (the Bottom 40 Band, Keith Carlock) acoustic piano.
Judd Miller (Michael Brecker, Danny Elfman) EVI muted trumpet, pads, chromatic harmonica, flute.
Sylvain Carton (Mitch Marcus Quintet) tenor sax.
Kate Markowitz (James Taylor, Don Henley, Shawn Colvin) backing vocals.
Karen Blake (Randy Newman, Michael McDonald) backing vocals.
Amanda Frazier (The Keepers) backing vocals.

With deep gratitude to many, including Bryan Kessler, Stephen Barncard, Bill Gillette, Jeff Richman, Ursula Lamberson and Eric Bronstein.

In memory of Michael Shipley.