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Man, this stuff sounds so great! YOU are a bad mo fo! Love it. Thanks for having me be a part of it!… Sounds groovy! : )
Great songs, lyrics and production, love it man. 

Thank you  

Keith Carlock
Steely Dan drummer – July 2018



photo by Bill Foster

Allan Thomas is clearly one of the most talented singer-songwriters I’ve ever known. Not only can he compose melodies that move you and words that tell the tale poignantly and explicitly, he delivers them with an aplomb and style that is like no other singer. His guitar work is fluid and creative, and he packages the whole experience on a recording with production that draws you in immediately. He does it all, his way, from his island home. And he’s a great guy.

Stephen Barncard
Producer, mixer – July 2018



photo by Buzz Person


Allan Thomas is a singer and a songwriter, but he’s more than that… He’s an Islander, he’s a Windrider. He’s been there in that sun and in that sea, long enough to have soaked it up into him, into his heart… and it comes out in his songs. He’s a really fine songwriter!

David Crosby
November 1996




Jack Tempchin songwriter for the Eagles hits ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ and ‘Already Gone’. Regarding ‘Two Sides To Every Story’: “Fantastic songs amigo. ‘Geezer Talk’ killed me!!! Super great album. You have a sound and as far as I know no one else sounds like your records… I love them. thanks, Jack”

September 2018



photo by Buzz Person


Allan has been on the list of my favorite artists for a long time. I had the pleasure to play on his coconut culture CD and am always looking forward to hear his new releases.

Rick Rosas
Neil Young Band – 2008



photo by Buzz Person


I enjoy intimate music… always have…. always will. That’s why I like Allan’s music and that’s why I occasionally sing with him both live and on record.

Graham Nash
December 2002




photo by Susan Weiand


Allan Thomas is a gifted singer, songwriter and musician who always delights with his music. He’s always a pleasure and a thrill to work with!

James Hutch Hutchinson
Bonnie Raitt Band 2010