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  1. bob korner
    2011/05/13 at 07:57

    hey allen…i know you dont remember me but i worked hanalei gourmet for several years in late 1990s and heard you play there alot … any way i kind of stuck here in santa barbara as my mom got cancer and several months ago she died…anyway its not been the best of times here lately and not to many smiles going around.. i decided it was time to get out of here and back to kauai tio start again and as i was packing the few things i would actually bring i dug out my old copy of coconut culture…from the first notes of coconut culture i could feel a smile on my face and by the end of the cd i was totally of a new mind set and actually laughing that i was actually getting out of here and back on island…listening to that cd really turned my whole sadness to gladness and i thank you very much..a really great piece of music

  2. AT
    2011/05/13 at 08:25

    Aloha Bobby. Glad the music helped turn things around. See you back on the island sometime. Meantime all the best, and thanks for the note. AT

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