8/11/10 – Been a busy time for us here at Black Bamboo Recordings the last few months. Here are a few highlights regarding the new upcoming CD, and other BBR related happenings.

Bassist Jimmy Johnson (James Taylor) adds his amazing chops to ‘It All Comes Down To Love’ and ‘Soldier Of Misfortune’ on his own recording rig at home in LA.

Drummer Rick Shlosser fresh off the road with Van Morrison records drums on ‘The Downturn’, with John Propich engineering in LA.

‘Making Up For Lost Time’ CD mixers Mike Shipley and Brian Wohlgemuth mix the first completed song from CD #6 – ‘The Downturn’, with Brad Blackwood mastering in Memphis.

‘The Downturn’ is released as a single-song download at

at and also at iTunes, with many of the other major digital distributers to follow in the coming weeks.

Begin work on ‘Deep Water’ – the 9th track on the upcoming record.

Finish recording and editing singer songwriter Steve Connella‘s 5th song for his upcoming CD in the works, with Stephen Barncard in the mixing chair and mastering by Dave Collins. Begin recording Hawaiian singer songwriter Norman “Kaawa’ Solomon‘s solo acoustic CD.

Reviewing footage of ‘The Downturn’ YouTube video in-the-works.

So, if you think it’s easy running a a huge international empire like Black Bamboo, and that all I do is ride the waves, ha think again, cause we busy as bees.