September-November 2018 News

September/November 2018 News


Allan Thomas


Black Bamboo Recordings – 21 degrees north 159 degrees west – Island of Kauai – Hawaii – earth – third planet from the sun…

*AT interview with French internet radio show and podcast Late Night Dream ~ by Thomas Splett:

Rhythm and Beach ~ AT Interview with French Internet Radio Show and Podcast ~ Late Night Dream. ~ By Thomas Splett

Posted by Allan Thomas on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

*Swedish CD Review by Melodic Net:


*The Garden Island newspaper article: Talk Story With Allan Thomas:

Talk Story with Allan Thomas

*Aloha from Kauai. Some updates regarding AT’s 6th album release ‘Two Sides To Every Story‘.

*The BBR team spent August contacting and mailing CD’s to over 175 community and public radio stations across the US. While Peter Holmstedt of Hemifran in Sweden has started his ‘Two Sides…’ promotional campaign for Europe.

*Because WTF, we submitted ‘Two Sides…” to the Grammy selection committee in 11 categories. Will send find out if any songs from the album are nominated on December 5th.

*Radio News in the U.S.

Two Sides To Every Story‘ has started to catch some overhead airwaves at the following locations: KKCR-FM Kauai Hawaii – KQNG-FM on Kauai Hawaii – KMNO on Maui Hawaii, KRCB-FM in Santa Rosa California, WXPR-FM in Rhinelander WisconsinKUOS-FM in Sedona Arizona – WQNR-FM in Auburn Alabama – **KAFM** Grand Junction Colorado – WEFT-FM Champaign Illinois – WXOJ Northampton Massachusetts – KMUD Humboltd California – WHFR-FM Dearborn DetroitKAOS Olympia WashingtonKZMU Moab, UtahKBUT Crested Butte Colorado – WGDR Plainfield, Vermont – Stay tuned for updates…

*Radio News Elsewhere:

*DJ Jan Van Eck played ‘Dating Game’ on his Bluesnroots Corner show in the Netherlands
*DJ Einen Blick played ‘Troubled Times’ on his Americana Radio Free FM show in Germany
*DJ’s Ray and Theo playing tracks from ‘Two Sides…’ on Roots Revival Belgium radio show:
*DJ Gilles Martin of Radio Aria Longwy, France is playing ‘Could’ve Been Worse’ on his Country & Co show:
*DJ Sean Brophy of the jazz radio show Jazzspec Ireland plays ’15 Minutes’

*DJ Brian Mullen of the BBC Northern Ireland show Caschlár plays ‘El Sueno De Repitido’ ~   Caschlár

*DJ Massimo Ferro of the Italian  Radio Voce Spazio show Highway 61 plays ‘If Only’ ~

*DJ Anita Luchies of the Dutch radio show Undercurrents playing ‘If Only” and ‘Could’ve Been Worse’ ~

*DJ Roberto Rossi of the Italian radio show Mystery Train on Ascolta PNR FM radio plays ‘El Sueno De Repitido’ ~

*DJ Paul Van Gelder Dutch radio Show Muziek En Toch – playing ‘Geezer Talk’ ~

*DJ Bertwin Bijleveld Dutch radio show Blues & Friends on RTV Baarn FM, Netherlands playing ‘Could’ve Been Worse’

*DJ Jean Philippe Réjou of radio/podcast West Coast Rendezvous sur WKFM Paris, France has been playing ‘Could’ve Been Worse’ ~[0]=31.[644824087%2C%22intro_card%22%2C%7B%7D]

*DJ Kamasami Kong of FM Cocolo in Osaka Japan playing ‘If Only’.



Keith Carlock Steely Dan drummer: “Man, this stuff sounds so great! YOU are a bad mo fo! Love it. Thanks for having me be a part of it! Great songs, lyrics and production, love it man… Thank you Keith”

Jack Tempchin songwriter for the Eagles hits ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ and ‘Already Gone’: “Fantastic songs amigo. ‘Geezer Talk’ killed me!!! Super great album. You have a sound and as far as I know no one else sounds like your records… I love them. thanks, Jack”

Jim Wilson noted piano master: “Steely Dan meets Joni Mitchell meets folk meets pop meets jazz… Just really good, authentic music. Really well written songs, GREAT production. Will definitely get more milage out of this record. congrats man. … you weren’t on my radar before, but you are now.”

Wouter Kellerman renown South African Flautist: “Stunning album, you had me from the first track ’15 Minutes”, beautiful composition and love your vocals Allan. Thanks for sharing ‘Two Sides To Every Story” with me. Cheers Wouter”.

Brian Elie DJ @ KRCB Northern California Public Radio: “We have been playing this cd over and over at our house. Rarely do you get a cd of music with this much variety and depth, with this kind of superior song writing and superb musicianship all in one package. Then there are the instrumentals that you the listener get to interpret yourself, they take you wherever you want to go. ‘In Search Of…’ totally knocks me out, feels the the heart is speaking. Well done Allan and friends! I will feature this cd next Monday night on KRCB 91.1 FM”

*Thank you David Lucarotti for including my song ‘Good To Go’ on your amazing playlist/podcast LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents The Border from Paris, France

*Big thanks to Kenneth Bremer & Henrik Bohm at Blue DesertThe World of West Coast Music – in Denmark, for spotlighting ‘Two Sides…’ CD release along side such greats as Michael McDonald and Steve Lukather!  


*’Two Sides…’ can be heard and purchased here:


CD Baby website:

Apple Music

SpotifyTwo Sides To Every Story



*’Two Sides…’ insights:

Blending elements of rock, blues, jazz and soulful vocals the album contains 15 songs comprised of eight vocal tracks and seven instrumentals. Ranging from a solo acoustic slack-key guitar instrumental to full-blown ensemble settings with some of the world’s tastiest musicians including players from Steely Dan, the Steve Gadd/James Taylor bands, the Yellowjackets and Crosby Stills and Nash. Plus many other studio luminaries from Kauai, Nashville and Los Angeles. ‘Two Sides To Every Story’ was mixed in Montreal by multi-platinum engineer Paul Northfield (Rush, Dream Theater).

Several compositions aim to lighten things up a bit entering the smirk-inducing territory of ‘The Dating Game’ – a dude’s-eye look into some of the head-scratching aspects of on-line dating, and ‘Geezer Talk’ – a lighthearted laundry list of the daily ailments thrust upon unsuspecting baby boomers. A few tunes present the wistful and wishful thinking of one who dreams big as in ‘Is That Asking Too Much?!’ and ‘If Only’. While ‘Troubled Times’ takes an unflinching look at a few of the darkly disturbing aspects of the present world we find ourselves in. Many of the tunes have been written recently, but the instrumental ‘In Search Of…’ goes all the way back to Malibu California, 1973. Some things take a while…

Instrumentals and vocals. Humor and deadly serious. Two sides…

Produced and recorded by Allan Thomas

Mixed by Paul Northfield and Allan Thomas

Associate producer Bryan Kessler

Mastering Paul Northfield


Allan Thomas – vocals, acoustic, nylon string, electric guitar and percussion.

Bryan Kessler (Hawaiian Style Band) acoustic and electric guitar.

Kirk Smart (Donald Fagen, Donavon Frankenreiter) bottleneck slide and electric guitar.

Jim Kimo West (Weird Al Yankovik) acoustic guitar.

Jimmy Johnson (James Taylor, Steve Gadd) bass.

Keith Carlock (Steely Dan, Sting) drums.

William Kennedy (Yellowjackets, Herbie Hancock) drums.

Joel Taylor (Joe Sample, Allan Holdsworth, Rock Band video game) drums.

Michael Ruff (Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones, David Sanborn) keyboards.

Russell Ferrante (Yellowjackets, Joni Mitchell) acoustic piano.

James Raymond (Crosby Stills and Nash, Jackson Browne) keyboards.

Charles Judge (David Bowie, Miley Cyrus) keyboards.

Michael Whittaker (the Bottom 40 Band, Keith Carlock) acoustic piano.

Judd Miller (Michael Brecker, Danny Elfman) EVI muted trumpet, pads, chromatic harmonica, flute.

Sylvain Carton (Mitch Marcus Quintet) tenor sax.

Kate Markowitz (James Taylor, Don Henley, Shawn Colvin) backing vocals.

Karen Blake (Randy Newman, Michael McDonald) backing vocals.

Amanda Frazier (The Keepers) backing vocals.

With deep gratitude to Paul Nortfield, Bryan Kessler, Stephen Barncard, Bill Gillette, Jeff Richman, Eric Bronstein, Graham Nash, Ed Haaker and Charleen Dyer and Margaret Gill

CD front cover artwork Bret Linford

Photography Aaron Feinberg

Inner CD sleeve Jordan Thomas

In memory of Michael Shipley.


More News: *The cool and diverse web-based radio show/podcast Late Night Dream based in Paris, France named ‘Two Sides To Every Story’ album of the week:

*Thanks Calle Magnusson of Ervik Surfshop in the Stadlandet Peninsula, Norway for using the track ‘If Only’ on your new music video:

*‘Two Sides…’ review in Belgium magazine/website Rootsville (in dutch):

*’Two Sides…’ Review in Swedish magazine/website  MusikBloggen

Allan Thomas has now released his sixth studio album Two Sides To Every Story. Allan says in an interview that he has sung professionally since he was 12 years old and has been a songwriter since the age of 19. His whole life has been about the music. The latest album has a long maturation process and is a result of songwriting and recording over the last six years. There are no less than 17 musicians on the record.

The sounds are not that far from STEELY DAN, but maybe a bit more laidback. It feels a little PAUL SIMON sometimes too. It sounds really good. Songs to start with: 15 minutes, Could’Been Worse and Dating Game.

*New Spotify Playlists featuring AT Tracks:

Major thanks to Pekka Martikainen of Finland for adding ‘El Sueno‘ and ‘Aquadesiac’ to his wildly successful Smooth Jazz – Instrumental Spotify playlist.

*Vic Cracknell adds ‘Halfway Round The World’ to his ‘Around The World’ Spotify playlist.

*Susan Moss adds ‘The Navigator’ to her new ‘Paradise Coffeehouse’ Spotify playlist.

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*Thanks Tracy Colletto for adding ‘In My Automobile‘ to your ‘Acoustic Road TripSpotify playlist.

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*Thanks Tracy Colletto for adding ‘The Navigator’ to your new thought provoking ‘Acoustic Journeys’ Spotify playlist.

*Mahalo Susan Moss for adding ‘Way Of The Heart’ to your moody and heart felt ‘Sing Me To Sleep/Into Sweet Dreams’ Spotify playlist.

*Mahalo Susan Moss for adding ‘Coconut Culture’ and ‘The Island’ to your sizzling ‘In A Tropical Fantasy’ Spotify playlist:

*Thanks Susan Moss for adding ‘If Only’ to your sizzling ‘Cool For The Summer/ Hot For The Winter’ Spotify playlist:

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*Thanks Barry McLaughlin for adding ‘In Search Of…’ to your ‘Acoustic Winter’ Spotify playlist:

*Emilio Bonito’s Spotify playlist Fingerstyle Favorites features ‘Makani ‘Olu ‘Olu’.

*Thanks to Daryl Shawn for adding ‘In Search Of…’ to his This Week in Fingerstyle playlist on Spotify:

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*Mahalo Spotify for creating a new Hawaiianish Spotify playlist featuring ‘In Search Of…‘ for its title and including 5 AT tracks from two albums.

*Another new cool Hawaiian playlist on Spotify featuring ‘15 Minutes’.

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*Emilio Bonito adds ‘In Search Of…’ to his deep and beautiful Instrumental Delight Spotify playlist.

*Great to have my song ‘Island Girl’ included on the the eclectic Hawaiian compilation I’ll Weave A Lei Of Stars For You Spotify playlist:

*Mahalo Magnus Murel for adding ‘Makani ‘Olu ‘Olu’ to your Beautiful – Solo Instruments Spotify playlist:

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*Thanks Peter Holmstedt for adding ‘Geezer Talk’ to your cool Hemifrån 2018 Spotify playlist.
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*Sherry Finzer adds ‘In Search Of…’ to her Spa Retreat – Music to Massage the Body Mind and Soul Spotify playlist.
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Two Sides To Every Story CD front cover artwork