April 2013 News

4/16/13 – Current Allan Thomas/Black Bamboo Recordings news from the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii – 22 degrees north by 159 degrees west.


*Radio Play Updates:

AT’s latest release ‘Deep Water’ continues it’s journey on the airwaves at various locals around the world. A sampling:

The French radio show ‘Crossroads’ of Radio Arverne has been playing ‘The Longest Ride’ www.radioarverne.com

The Polish radio show Markomania is playing ‘The Longest Ride’  http://www.lpmn.pl/markomania.php?s=2012&t=125

DJ Martin of the Berlin, Germany based NBT Music Radio is spinning various ‘Deep Water’ CD tracks.

Longtime Hawaii and now Japan DJ Kamasami Kong is playing assorted ‘Deep Water’ tracks on his Pacific Oasis show. FM Cocolo Japan broadcasts all of Kansai including; Kobe, Nara, Kyoto and Osaka  http://www.cocolo.co.jp/ 

DJ Jahwaiian Jerry from California‘s Humboldt county KMUD community radio has been playing several Allan Thomas CD tracks on his Coconut Wireless show.  http://www.kmud.org/docs.kmud.org/KMUDGrid.pdf

DJ Brian Elie of northern California‘s Humboldt county KMUD community radio, aired ‘It All Comes Down To Love’ on his Brian’s World show. The 35 year veteran community radio host spins a wide variety of you-name-it sounds, including blues, jazz, folk, reggae, R&B Brazilian and more. http://www.kmud.org/docs.kmud.org/KMUDGrid.pdf

Dj’s Andrew and Loui have been playing the AT live-on-air version of the Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions song ‘People Get Ready’ on their Himeni O Hawai’i show on Kauai Community Radio KKCR  http://www.kkcr.org/

Various AT  tracks have been amassing numerous plays on internet music providers such as Spotify and Pandora Radio. The instrumental track ‘Butterfly Jesse’ from the ‘Making Up For Lost Time’ CD racked up 31,000 plays in one quarter.


*In Other News:

Peter Holmstedt of the independent A&R, promotion and marketing company, “Hemifrån” – based in the heart of Sweden – will release his 4th theme-based compilation of singer songwriters on 4/30/13. Titled ‘The Golden Demon – New Songs About Chaos & Transition’, the two-disc record is a song cycle about all the changes in the world today. Songwriters from near and far took part. Included in this compilation will be the never-before released 1980 Allan Thomas recording of ‘How Long Can This Go On?’. Originally produced and now re-mixed by Stephen Barncard, the song features Allan on lead vocals and electric rhythm and fill guitars, plus members of his early eighties occasional gigging and recording group the Santa Monica Bay Band, including Pete Wasner (Lowell George, Vince Gill) keyboards, Armando Compean (Johnny Winter, Lowell George) bass, and Mike Buono (Quincy Jones) Drums. With David Anderson and Michael Lanning (George Harrisonon backing vocals. This multi-artist CD will be promoted throughout Europe and elsewhere to over a 1,000 purveyors of music, including radio stations, internet radio stations and magazines both in print and online. Thanks for including yours truly Peter.

http://www.hemifran.com/   http://www.hemifran.com/news.html  http://www.hemifran.com/releases.html

*Pedal steel firebrand, and one-time AT songwriting partner Chris Templeton, flew Stephen Barncard and yours truly to Portland Maine for the mastering session of Chris’ 2nd album ‘The Tapper’. Mastering took place at Bob Ludwig’s Gateway Mastering, and had to be one of the most remarkable audio experiences ever for Steve, Chris and AT. The affable Mr Ludwig is regarded as one of the masters of mastering and we were honored to watch him work in his custom room. Can’t remember hearing recorded music sound so crystal clear and rich, with the full audio spectrum represented in fine detail through Bob’s custom monitors. It was also great to discover Portland and its many charms!

‘The Tapper’ CD features Chris playing his innovative custom Tapper pedal steel guitar with an impressive lineup of world-class backing musicians, including pedal steel legend Buddy Emmons, and the amazing Victor Wooten bassist for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

http://www.thetapper.net –  http://thetapper.bandcamp.com/album/the-tapper – http://www.gatewaymastering.com


*Black Bamboo Studio News: 

As yet untitled AT studio album #6 is now in progress, with three tracks in production since January 1st 2013.

Longlongtime music cohort and guitarist extraodinaire, Bryan Kessler (Hawaiian Style Band) was kind enough to fly over from Oahu with his new PRS JA-15 jazzish electric guitar to record on two new tracks for CD #6. BK took the time to write out a chart of the first tune and newest member of the AT canon: ‘Good To Go’. Utilizing the studio’s new ground-level 25’x35′ tile floor room, we set up the Carr tube amp and a Sanken CU-44X condenser mic near the amp’s grill. For the room sound we employed the workhorse mic of the studio – the Neumann U87, about 6′ away from the amp. With the use of 100′ custom guitar and mic cables run from the upstairs studio/control room to the amp and mic’s downstairs, we were able to comfortably record up in the control room and remain in the zone. As is our usual recording style we worked for hours, arranging as we go, always making sure to leave me with plenty of takes for coverage for later when editing. The next day we eschewed the amp set up and plugged that PRS direct into the Neve mic pre for Bryan’s sweet lead melody and rhythm guitar parts on the as yet Untitled Instrumental in C. That guitar wound up sounding quite impressive direct as well. Mahalo BK.


Mr Kessler generously loaned BB Studios his two-channel Brent Averill Neve 1272 mic pre. With our own almost duplicate two-channel 1272 BA Neve module, we now have four channels of Neve power, plus 4 channels Focusrite mic pre’s right here in the uplands of Kilauea. These particular pre’s were originally recommended by past A&M Studios engineer Mike Morongel back in the 1992 Kauapea road iteration of Black Bamboo Studios. These solid state pre’s have been the heart and soul of much of our vocal and guitar work throughout the intervening years. We are lucky to have another A&M Studios engineer alumni Gary Meyerberg, who now resides on Maui, to occasionally service these venerable pieces of recording gear.


*Live Performance News: 

*The old 1960 Jimmie Jones/Otis Blackwell hit ‘Handy Man’, found its way back onto my set list after taking a mysterious 20 year hiatus from the repertoire. Using JT’s stellar acoustic guitar arrangement as blueprint, and a capo on the fourth fret seems to be the magic combo for the vocal to ride on. Always loved the double-entendre sentiment of the lyric, and it’s still big fun and way challenging to try to nail those falsetto parts in the chorus.


*Random Reviews:

1/8/12 – Honolulu Star Advertiser – John Berger review of ‘Deep Water’: A requiem for pro surfer Andy Irons is one of several memorable songs on this recent project by Kauai resident Allan Thomas. “May you rip in peace, brother Andy, in waves that never end,” he sings in “The Longest Ride,” no doubt expressing the feelings of Irons’ family, friends and fans.

Several of Thomas’ musical arrangements evoke memories of  Steely Dan’s early work. Other songs stand out on the strength of Thomas’ lyrics. Take “The Downturn,” a horrifying look at the continuing aftermath of America’s economic meltdown. Or “Monkey Business,” where he assumes the persona of a burned out drug smuggler. A third song “Soldier Of Misfortune,” is neatly constructed around a clever mutation of an age-old phrase.

Thomas harks back to the beatnik poets of the late 50′s with “Other Than That,” an acerbic shopping list of personality flaws and unidentified annoying people which he recites over brisk percussion tracks.

The title tune is a gentle love song reminiscent of Dan Fogelberg, as Thomas compares the emotions stirred by a first kiss to “diving into deep water from the highest cliff.” He also explores the toxic fallout of bad relationships with a dark philosophical tune, “Everything Happens For A Reason.”


Keys and Chords, a music website and magazine based in Belgium reviews ‘Deep Water’:

Some four decades ago, the Brooklyn-based guitarist and singer-songwriter released his first album. Previously, Thomas had many musical journeys. As a teenager he sang in a doo wop group, worked with the Texas producer Huey P Meaux, plunged into the folk scene of Greenwich Village, stood a while on the payroll of the Brill Building and performed in jazz clubs. After the break with his wife, the English singer-songwriter Carole Cook, with whom Thomas collaborated musically, he moved to Hawaii. That stay resulted in ‘The Island’ and ’Coconut Culture’ CD’s, and production work for local artists.
The studio sessions of the new CD ‘Deep Water were again established with renowned musicians from the LA scene. Besides his loyal friends guitarist Bryan Kessler and keyboardist Michael Ruff, Graham Nash and David Crosby were willing to take care of the background vocals on “The Longest Ride”. Anjela Rose joins two songs, the title song and ‘It All Comes Down To Love’ for beautiful background vocals. The twelve songs bathe in a melodic cross-pollination of folk, jazz and a laid-back West Coast Idioms that at times bring James Taylor to mind, and also the analytical sophistication of Steely Dan. “Homegrown” a sweet ode to his own vegetable garden that Allan composed in ’76  is part of this timeless framework. Music that you does not immediately put you on the edge of your seat. The expertly detailed songs work as continued ripples on smooth Sapphire-sunlit water and makes for pleasurable listening moments. A tasteful blend of folk, jazz in a pleasant easygoing West Coast idiom. 3 of 4* – Cis Van Looy


*AT CD’s & Downloads Available @:






Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the ‘Deep Water’ compact disc directly from Black Bamboo Recordings can always e-mail us @ allant6@gmail.com or send a check for $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping & handling per CD in USA – and $12.00 plus $5 for S&H outside USA to: Black Bamboo Recordings – po box 785 – Hanalei, HI. 96714 – USA

For those interested in purchasing more than one copy of ‘Deep Water’ – or any of Allan’s other CD’s for that matter – we are offering discounts of $10.00 each CD plus shipping.

Aloha for now…