October 2012 News

10/16/12 – Current Allan Thomas/Black Bamboo Recordings news from the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii – 22 degrees north latitude by 159 degrees west longitude, third planet from the sun.

*The suits and bigwigs here at Black Bamboo Recordings decided to submit tracks from ‘Deep Water’ for consideration in the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. We are ever so pleased to report the record has been included in the first-round ballots for possible nomination in the following categories:

#1 – Album Of The YearDeep Water

#2 – Song Of The YearDeep Water

#3 – Best Pop Solo PerformanceIt All Comes Down To Love

#4 – Best Pop Vocal AlbumDeep Water

#5 –  Best Pop Duo/Group PerformanceThe Longest Ride  – Allan Thomas, David Crosby and Graham Nash 

#6 – Best Rock Song –  Soldier Of Misfortune – writers Bryan Kessler & AT

#7 – Best Rap PerformanceOther Than That

#8 – Best Instrumental CompositionBoyish Man 

#9 – Best Instrumental ArrangementBoyish Man – Ken Emerson, Jimmy Johnson, William Kennedy, Michael Ruff, Judd Miller & AT

#10 – Best Engineered Album, Non-ClassicalDeep Water – Stephen Barncard, Ken Basman, Richard Bosworth, Cliff Hugo, Jimmy Johnson, Judd Miller, Ron Pendragon, John Prpich, James Raymond, Michael Ruff, Dave Russell, Paul Tavenner, Joel Taylor, Allan Thomas, Chris West, Brian Wohlgemuth & Michael Shipley, engineers. Brad Blackwood mastering engineer. (Allan Thomas)

Keep your fingers crossed. We find out if anything was actually nominated December 5th. 

*Peter Holmstedt of the independent A&R, promotion and marketing company, “Hemifrån” – based in the heart of Sweden – has  plans to release his 4th theme-based compilation of singer songwriter artists called ‘The Golden Demon – New Songs About Chaos & Transition’: A song cycle about all the changes in the world today. Included in this compilation will be the never-before released 1980 AT recording of ‘How Long Can This Go On’. Originally produced and now re-mixed by Stephen Barncard, the song features Allan on lead vocals and electric rhythm and fill guitars, plus members of his early eighties occasional gigging and recording group the Santa Monica Bay Band, including Pete Wasner (Lowell George, Vince Gill) keyboards, Armando Compean (Johnny Winter, Lowell George) bass, and Mike Buono (Quincy Jones) Drums. With David Anderson and Michael Lanning (George Harrisonon backing vocals. http://www.hemifran.com/index.html

*Studio News: LA jazz-fusion guitarist and ‘Deep Water’ CD alumni Jeff Richman paid a visit to Black Bamboo Studios to lay some scorching electric guitar parts on the first track on the new as yet untitled AT studio album #6. Utilizing the studio’s new big tile floor room with the Carr tube amp and two sweet condenser mic’s we found just what we were looking for. http://www.jeffrichman.net

*BBS had the rare but fun opportunity to record a short one-word line for an iShares commercial. Visiting actress and consummate pro Jan Maguire recorded her line into the U87 in concert with the Neve 1272 mic pre, and in no time we had just what was needed. Mahalo to the folks at www.gorobot.com, Oglvy Mather, and Sonic Union.

*Black Bamboo Studios has first drum session in the new big tile floor room. Mahalo to Producer Paul Robinson and drummer Steve Giddiss for helping to break in the new room.

*In Other News:

AT dons his Executive Producer hat:

*Longtime pedal steel firebrand, and past AT songwriting collaborationist Chris Templeton brings the multi-talented Stephen Barncard and yours truly on board to help realize the release of his long-awaited 2nd album ‘The Tapper’. Featuring Chris playing his innovative custom Tapper pedal steel guitar and featuring an impressive lineup of world-class backing musicians including pedal steel legend Buddy Emmons, and the amazing Victor Wooten bassist for Bela Fleck and the Flecktoneshttp://www.thetapper.net

*Finally getting around to performing the old Drifters classic ‘Mexican Divorce’. I’ve loved the tune since I was a teen. Written by Bob Hillard and Burt Bacharach, and covered by many including Ry Cooder. Somewhere in the mid-nineties I had the sweet opportunity of singing backup vocals on this song for Nicolette Larsen as she performed it in concert as opening act for Crosby and Nash here in Princeville. I’ll never forget Nash kindly leaning over and coaching me on one of the harmonies as Nicolette and I rehearsed ten-minutes before she was to go on, talk about a crash-course.

 *If the coconut wireless is to be believed, word has it our Mr. AT has been spotted windsurfing the local north shore breaks with a Go Pro Hero 2 waterproof video camera which was mounted on a biking helmet. If our sources are correct it seems then only logical to conclude that work has officially begun on the filming of new footage for the remake of Thomas’ twenty-three year old music video ‘Windrider’. Originally filmed on Kauai in 1989 by Stephen Barncard as part of a quartet of music videos he directed for ‘The Island’ CD, the new effort, again directed by Barncard, will supposedly feature wave and water perspectives from the windrider himself. Also of note: San Francisco mainstay, musician and film maker Michael Rain, was reportedly seen filming Allan windsurfing in hi-def video within a few hundred yards the famed and untamed Napali Coast. We believe this might mean Mr Rain will be contributing footage to ‘WindRider Redux’. We’ll keep our eye on this one and notify each and every one of you of any newsworthy updates.

*Big shout-outs to Stockholm music scene’s Mikael Engstrom for his Inside Musicast review of our 1989 release ‘The Island’:

Inside MusiCast Album of  The Day – The Island” by Allan Thomas (1989)

“Are you looking for an album that will put you in a good mood? Well aren’t we all from time to time? If so, I highly recommend you give “THE ISLAND “by Allan Thomas a listen. At times I find it a bit hard coming up with an album to review because of the fact that there are so many to pick from. Since all of the followers of IMC have such good musical tastes, I’m sure many of you already heard of this gem, but today I’m purely pin pointing my review for those of you who perhaps haven’t discovered this great album and amazing artist yet. I’ve recently played this one for a gathering of my friends with the common reaction being, “Who’s this? This is so good! “.

Allan Thomas is by no means a newcomer in the business. At the age of 17 he released his first two singles. The song “Summertime Monkeyshine’ was released on Scepter Records, a small label based in NYC. The other tune was ‘Didn’t It Rain’ which got released on the obscure Texas label called Pablo Records. He later signed a deal with Sire Records and released his first full length album entitled “A Picture” in 1971. This led to a nationwide tour opening for acts like Livingston Taylor, the Marc Almond Band, Weather Report, and the Cannonball Adderley Quintet. He later relocated to England and toured countries in Europe. Thomas moved back to the US in mid 70`s and became a staff writer for ABC Dunhill Music in Los Angeles. In need of new inspiration Allan later relocated to Hawaii in 1983. Rejuvenated by new inputs in his life, Thomas started writing material mixing a blend of rock, blues, jazz, hawaiian, singer/songwriter and soul. Recorded at different locations in L.A and including some really amazing players, ”The Island” was produced and mixed by industry legend Stephen Barncard, and released in 1989 on Thomas’s own label Black Bamboo Recordings.

He’s got the best of the best and is backed up by a stellar band with Michael Ruff (some killer solos and great chops by Ruff) and Russell Ferrante (Yellowjackets) on keys, Brian Kessler & Zeke Zirngiebel on guitars, Rick Schlosser on drums, Cliff Hugo on bass, Judd Miller on EVI Instruments and Michael Ruff, Leslie Smith, Joe Turano, Nancy Shanks and Valerie Carter on backing vocals. The cool thing with Thomas, besides the great songwriting, are his lyrics. He has a story to tell and he does it with soul and passion. Combined with the strong character in his voice it surely grabs hold of you. The songs are carried by strong arrangements and great grooves. This album has been spinning in my CD player frequently since I got it almost ten years ago. It always gets me into a good mood. It’s positive, it’s soothing and healing and it’s one of those hidden treasures that truly deserves recognition.”

Listen to “No Win Situation” with Valerie Carter on back.vocals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hTOm246POQ

Or why not the title track “The Island” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyAwH7JJBb0&feature=relmfu

For more samples from every track:http://www.amazon.com/Island-Allan-Thomas/dp/B0019HBVEW/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1342046197&sr=1-1&keywords=allan+thomas+the+island

Get the album at:iTunes, www.cdbaby.com & www.cduniverse.com


*Radio Play Updates:

The ‘Deep Water’ CD continues it’s amazingly slow but sure crawl to mass world recognition. Here follows just a few nuggets of radio play emanating here, there, and everywhere?

Noted Japanese singer and DJ Chikuzen Sato, devoted an entire one hour radio show to Allan Thomas tracks featuring ‘Homeland’ and ‘Everybody Gets The Blues” from the ‘Coconut Culture’ CD, and ‘Deep Water’, ‘Fall In Love Too Easy, ‘The Gift’, ‘Homegrown’, and ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ all from the ‘Deep Water’ record. Much thanks to Chikuzen. http://www.simulradio.jp/asx/shonanbeachfm.asx

DJ Kamran who hosts the Oasis show on KKCR – Kauai Community radio – played ‘The Navigator’ and ‘It All Comes Down To Love’ on his eclectic and muscially wide-ranging soundscape, replete with poems by Rumi. http://www.kkcr.org/djs/kamran.htm
DJ Peter van Zeijl of the Late Night Blues radio show out of Winschoten, the Netherlands has been spining ‘Monkey Business’. http://www.folkenzo.net/Playlists.html  http://www.folkenzo.net/
The French radio show ‘Crossroads’ of Radio Arverne played ‘The Longest Ride’ www.radioarverne.com
KKCR Radio DJ Roland Lanzi has been playing various ‘Deep Water’ tracks as guest host of  The Acoustic Luau, The Mystery Train, and The B List.