JUNE 2012 News

6/14/12 – Current Black Bamboo Recordings news from the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii – 22 degrees north latitude by 159 degrees west longitude.

Some Radio Play Updates:

Major Mahalos to DJ Shaka Keaka of KKCR – Kauai Community radio, for playing the whole ‘DeepWater’ CD in its entirety on his fill-in slot for Taj’s Transformational Tea. He named the special program the Transformational AT show! http://kkcr.org/schedule.html

DJ Peter van Zeijl of the Late Night Blues radio show out of Winschoten, the Netherlands is playing ‘The Downturn’ and ‘It All Comes Down To Love’  http://www.folkenzo.net/Playlists.html  http://www.folkenzo.net/

DJ Maren Orion of the KKCR – Kauai Community radio show Acoustic Luau played ‘The Downturn’

Hats off to DJ’s David Fleishman and Jon Scott down at All Memphis Music for playing ‘The Longest Ride’ http://www.memphistravel.com/all-memphis-music

The Midnight Country Show in Luxembourg played ‘The Longest Ride’

Howdy pardners and grazie to the Dj’s at Happy Trails radio show in Italy for spinning ‘Monkey Business’

DJ Martin of the Berlin, Germany based NBT Music Radio is still playing various ‘Deep Water’ CD tracks.

Radio Skala in Germany is also still playing various ‘Deep Water’ CD tracks.

DJ Benny Sorenson of the Danish radio show Musik Fra Kyst Til Kyst (Music From Coast To Coast) is playing ‘The Longest Ride’

DJ Alf McCarthy of the Irish radio show Late Night is playing the track ‘Deep Water’. Really nice to be in the company of the great and diverse artists Mr McCarthy plays.           http://www.rte.ie/radio1/latedate/2012-04-23.html

The French radio show ‘Crossroads’ of Radio Arverne is playing ‘The Longest Ride’ www.radioarverne.com

DJ Brian Elie of northern California‘s Humboldt county KMUD community radio, played ‘Island Girl’ from the ‘Coconut Culture’ CD and ‘Windrider’ from ‘The Island’ CD on his Brian’s World show. The 35 year veteran community radio host spins a wide variety of you-name-it sounds, including blues, jazz, folk, reggae, R&B Brazilian and more. http://www.kmud.org/docs.kmud.org/KMUDGrid.pdf

Longtime Hawaii and now Japan DJ Kamasami Kong playing various ‘Deep Water’ tracks on his Pacific Oasis show. FM Cocolo Japan broadcasts all of Kansai including; Kobe, Nara, Kyoto and Osaka  http://www.cocolo.co.jp/ 

Shout out to DJ Jahwaiian Jerry from California‘s Humboldt county KMUD community radio who played two whole sets of various Allan Thomas music on his Coconut Wireless show.  http://www.kmud.org/docs.kmud.org/KMUDGrid.pdf

DJ Kamran who hosts the Oasis show on KKCR – Kauai Community radio – has been playing ‘Deep Water’ on his eclectic and muscially wide-ranging soundscape, replete with poems by Rumi. http://www.kkcr.org/djs/kamran.htm

Other News:

In a special to Kauai Times journalist Jane Riley writes about ‘Deep Water’ nomination for Rock Album of the Year in the 2012 Na Hanohano Hoku Awards. Title of article: “Island boy makes good at Na Hanohano Hoku Awards”. http://thegardenisland.com/entertainment/music/article_7b47e158-9cec-11e1-8530-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz1xoO9lz3v

Black Bamboo Recordings wraps up production on the first song from local artist and surfer Dave Rullo’s new CD. The song ‘Nothing Lasts’ is en route to longtime music man Stephen Barncard for mixing. The recording features Michael Ruff on Accordion, Kirk Smart on mandolin and lap steel, Trey Thompson on Fender bass, Joel Taylor on drums, and the artist on vocals and acoustic guitar.