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Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, 4/12/12 – Current Black Bamboo Recordings news from the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii – 22 degrees north latitude by 159 degrees west longitude.

'Deep Water' has been nominated for Rock Album of the Year in the 2012 Na Hoku Hanohano Music Awards. Mahalo to the voting members of the Hawaiian Academy of Recording Arts for including me in their thirty-fifth event. Buy cheapest viagra oral jelly, The winning nominees will be announced May 27, 2012

Kauai filmmaker Gerry Charlebois features 'Coconut Culture' and the slack key instrumental 'Ka Wai Aloha' both from the 'Coconut Culture' record, on his sharp and newly released DVD 'Epic Kauai'. Filmed in hi-def over the last five years with much of the aerial footage shot from the open cockpit of one of his trusty powered hang gliders, 'Epic Kauai' showcases Kauai’s unique adventures and natural beauty, order viagra oral jelly overnight delivery, and takes viewers on a journey around the spectacular and breathtaking lush island of Kauai to places never before filmed.

Radio news:

DJ Iain Anderson of the BBC Radio Scotland played 'The Longest Ride' on his End The Day show. "in the company of the song writing masters of country, folk, blues, soul and rock 'n' roll."

DJ Brian Elie of northern California's Humboldt county KMUD community radio, has been playing tracks from 'Deep Water' and 'Coconut Culture' on his Brian's World show, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. Discount viagra oral jelly without prescription, The 35 year veteran community radio host spins a wide variety of you-name-it sounds, including blues, jazz, folk, purchase viagra oral jelly overnight delivery, reggae, R&B Brazilian and more.

Netherlands radio show Blues and Friends is playing 'Monkey Business'

DJ Martin of the Berlin, Viagra oral jelly from india, Germany based internet radio show NBT Radio, is playing all 'Deep Water' tracks on his very cool mainly unsigned artists 24 hour streaming show. -

DJ Peter van Zeijl of the Late Night Blues radio show out of Winschoten, the Netherlands is playing the instrumental 'Boyish Man', 'The Gift', buy cheap viagra oral jelly internet, and 'Everything Happens For A Reason'.

DJ Karsten Rube of the folk, Viagra oral jelly cheapest price, world, and jazz radio show Radio Skala in Germany is playing various  tracks from ‘Deep Water’.

DJ Rein Wortelboer of the Netherlands country, americana music radio show Peelgrass is playing 'Boyish Man', viagra oral jelly from canada.

DJ Kamran who hosts the Oasis show on KKCR - Kauai Community radio - has been playing the title track 'Deep Water' on his eclectic and muscially wide-ranging soundscape, replete with poems by Rumi.

Shout out to KKCR radio DJ's Andrew & Loui  for playing 'The Island' on their Himeni O Hawai`i show.

DJ Cindy Paulos of Maui's KHEI 107.5 and KAOI  Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, radio stations is playing tracks from 'Deep Water' and 'Coconut Culture'. Sale viagra oral jelly, DJ Jon Bellavou of  Kauai's KUAI sunday jazz and blues radio show is playing tracks from 'Deep Water'.

DJ Jerry Reed of northern California's Humboldt county KMUD community radio, has been playing  'Coconut Culture' on his Da coconut Wireless show.

DJ Gerrit Caspers of the Dutch Roots Radio show Goodnoise is playing 'Everything Happens For A Reason'

DJ Dennis of the KKRC Kauai Community Radio show Den on the I-10 is playing 'The Longest Ride'

DJ Massimo Ferro of the Italian roots radio show Highway 61 is playing the title track ‘Deep Water’


Reviews of 'Deep Water':

Rock Journalist Dmitry M Epstein has this to say in his review of 'Deep Water': A laid back groove that's hard to fathom. A Hawaiian master rides the crest of the wave with a Californian elite in tow, order viagra oral jelly without prescription. Crosby and Nash join in.

Not a name on everyone's lips, Allan Thomas' pedigree is immaculate, Viagra oral jelly pharmacy, including stints with the Adderley brothers and Donald Fagen, so it's not so surprising that his roll call brings only the best under the veteran's banners. What is surprising is how deceptively simple his Pacific glide can be when, under the surface, it's quite complex and rich. With all eyes and ears on the dramatic, find viagra oral jelly online, if smooth, "The Longest Ride" which features easily recognizable harmonies from the most celestial half of CSNY, Approved viagra oral jelly pharmacy,  the genuine bliss comes from the main man's relaxed yet arresting delivery on heartfelt songs such as the title track where acoustic surf comes underpinned with lower-toned electric charge. But one should go no further than "Everything Happens For A Reason", that in places sound like unburdened Mark Knopfler, to feel the fusion tingle rippling the Kauian cool, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription.

It's there, in the silky soul of "Soldier Of Misfortune" and the humorous jangle of "Homegrown", written back in the '70s and nicely colored with Jeff Richman's guitar orchestra on the former and Kirk Smart's six-string on the latter, best price for viagra oral jelly, while Ken Emerson's slide spices up Thomas' warm twang on the highly memorable instrumental "Boyish Man" which is pure Hawaii - sea and sunlight in every lick - just like the drive of "The Downturn" carries a Caribbean jive in its "oy yoi yoi's". Still, Find discount viagra oral jelly online, you can't take the Big Apple off any NYC-born artist, and the harmonica-spiked autobiography of "Monkey Business" is as urban-bluesy as it gets to make this album a winner on all fronts, even though one could do without a rap on "Other Than That". So take a breath and dive headlong, buy viagra oral jelly lowest price.                ****4/5          

Markus Kerren of the German internet rock magazine Rocktimes reviews 'Deep Water'. (Google translation):

Various quotes: Oooh yes, Allan Thomas lives in beautiful Hawaii. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, Rare is the home base of a musician so logically recognizable in his work, as in this case. Very harmonious here goes to everything, very laid back, but you should not necessarily make the mistake of underestimating the time and critical texts.

The tracks flow like a relaxing beach day in a private bay where fish of all sizes and shades come close to the beach, in front of him. Buy viagra oral jelly us, Singer / songwriter tunes, to which are joined by such diverse influences such as soul, reggae, blues, cheap viagra oral jelly without prescription, folk or sometimes a pinch of rock. Allan Thomas knows his craft

Well, Order generic viagra oral jelly, finally, the man must have a damn good reputation in the scene, not only because he has this incredible album with 21 musicians, even the two legends David Crosby and Graham Nash are on a song ("The Longest Ride") for the background vocals of the party, viagra oral jelly prices. A total of twelve songs that exude a very special atmosphere and a very specific way of life. On the recording and the arrangements there is nothing to find fault.

"Homegrown" has a very fine Fender Rhodes piano, a great - almost jazzy - guitar and soulful vocals of the protagonist, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. Purchase viagra oral jelly, Also out of the frame is "Other Than That",  a rhythmic chant with cynicism and witty lyrics backed solely by percussion.

Well, there is a conclusion but not so simple, viagra oral jelly no rx. "Deep Water" may - be a balm for the soul, depending on the mood of the listener. Cheap viagra oral jelly in usa, Seasoned rock and rollers with little tolerance for anything that does not stop after one minute in the chorus should definitely leave out the finger here. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, But he who has the corresponding inner peace will be able to discover in this disc a lot (many great) subtleties. "Deep Water" - oh yes, the name says it all, as deep and still waters are known to be deep, discount viagra oral jelly online.

Highly professional and very well done - but also very special and tasteful. It can therefore be recommended only the best - and necessarily - even to check. Viagra oral jelly price,


Swedish music website Thirsty Boots reviews 'Deep Water' (Google translation):

My beginnings in music fell almost entirely in the 70s, characterized by "anything is possible"- winds from the 60's became the 70's a time of infinite variety of good music and a certain maturity fell to enough too. Laid-back acoustic music and country-rock dominated my musical intake and studio technology was so advanced that it also sounded good for the first time in history. Stereo installation made its entry into most homes. For some reason, the Allan Thomas album "Deep Water" is associated with all of this, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription.

The music is airy and there is a little hint of early Steely Dan, the harmonies fit like a glove (Crosby and Nash visit a song), viagra oral jelly in malaysia, it is nice but requires close attention. There are good texts with content, Viagra oral jelly purchase, for example, "The Downturn", which is about the U.S. economic downturn. But it is the atmosphere which is remarkable. The music wraps you and takes you on a pleasant journey, viagra oral jelly in bangkok, time after time. My absolute favorite is probably the instrumental "Boyish Man" that rocks in it's own way and gives you both energy and harmony. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, Allan Thomas has been involved in music since the turn end of the 60s and this is his fifth album. Cheapest generic viagra oral jelly online, His guitar playing is delicious with tasty riffs and decorative loops. The rhythm section, with the likes of James "Hutch" Hutchinson and Rick Rosas, is dense and creates a little mystery. Michael Ruff's electric piano fills in and smoothes out with a clear 70's character, buy viagra oral jelly cheap.

An ideal album to have in the background when you have guests. And it is said as praise. The atmosphere will be felt without requiring full concentration. Art


Fred Schmale of the Dutch music Magazine/Website Real Roots Cafe reviews 'Deep Water': Bing translation:

With 'Deep Water' is singer-songwriter Allan Thomas' fifth CD of original material, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. Viagra oral jelly free sample, Allan grew up in Brooklyn, in his eighth year he sang enthusiastically along with 'You Send Me' by Sam Cooke and by age twelve sang in Doo-Wop groups on the southern coast of Long Island. At seventeen (1966) he searched for work for as a solo singer and landed  his first record contract with the eccentric Texan Huey p. Meaux (The Crazy Cajun), viagra oral jelly prescription. Two singles were released, unfortunately without much success. Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, Two years later he begins to write songs and in 1970 his first LP, ' A Picture ' appears. Viagra oral jelly no rx required, He tours the country and there follows a period of ttravel and gigs, where possible and with whomever asks for it. From 1974 to 1983 he was a songwriter in Southern California, including one year as staff song writer for ABC Music in Los Angeles, low price viagra oral jelly. He then discovers the fascinating character of Hawaii and moved to Kauai, where he still lives and works. Viagra oral jelly medication, He picks up his career as a singer-songwriter and brings back CD's in 1989 and 1997, not so high frequency. That changed starting in 2007, the time of his fourth CD, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. In 2009 there was a retrospective CD (unreleased songs recorded between 1980 and 1994), with the very aptly named ' Brooklyn Boy in Paradise'.  And now, cost viagra oral jelly, in 2011, there is yet another new Studio CD, Cheap viagra oral jelly pill, over 60 minutes long.

'Deep Water' contains 12 songs, 10 by the hand of Allan himself. The music is soft-pop with a jazzy touch, generic viagra oral jelly, Allan's voice is quite high and pleasant to hear. Variation is guaranteed by the playing of a whopping 21 mostly excellent musicians on a number of different instruments, Viagra oral jelly non prescription, and vocal guest appearance from David Crosby and Graham Nash in the prize number ' The Longest Ride ', a tribute to deceased top surfer Andy Irons who died in november 2010 at the age of 32. A nice CD with a phosphate-free kind of  jazz pop.


Black Bamboo Studios Buy viagra oral jelly without prescription, has been busy with three separate recording projects. Singer songwriter surfer Dave Rullo, modern Reggae/Police duo Tiago featuring Santiago Soto and Adrian Nicholas, viagra oral jelly online without prescription, and surfing songwriter Ohana, are all beginning their first album projects here in the house of hits.

Well regarded LA jazz fusion six-string master, and lead guitarist on 'Soldier Of Misfortune', Jeff Richman,  took time out of his recent island visit to learn and transcribe the music for my brand new instrumental in D minor. Jeffery, who holds a monthly gig at the world famous LA jazz club the Baked Potato, plans to return  in the very near future to record his melodic and searing guitar parts.


Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the ‘Deep Water’ compact disc directly from Black Bamboo Recordings can always e-mail us @ or send a check for $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping & handling per CD in USA – and $12.00 plus $5 for S&H outside USA to: Black Bamboo Recordings – po box 785 – Hanalei, HI. 96714 – USA

For those interested in purchasing more than one copy of ‘Deep Water’ – or any of Allan’s other CD’s for that matter – we are offering discounts of $10.00 each CD plus shipping.

Downloads of the album and single-song tracks are now available at The Allan Thomas Music Store @ – Here you can can listen to all tracks in their entirety, read stories about the writing and recording of the songs, plus find lyrics, credits and photos. Bandcamp offers downloads in 6 different compression file sizes to suit your bandwidth and preference, and you can pay by credit card or PayPal should you so desire, buy viagra oral jelly without prescription. If you plan to download give Bandcamp a go, as they offer the highest-quality downloads, and host a great platform for independent artists to sell their music.

‘Deep Water’ downloads of the full album and single-song tracks are now available at CD Baby @ - The babies are carrying the compact disc as well.

iTunes and,  are now also offering ‘Deep Water’ downloads with most other digital music distributers also online.

The record is now also available for listening and digital downloading through the Allan Thomas Music Facebook PAGE @

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