FEBRUARY 2012 News

2/3/12 – Current Black Bamboo Recordings news from the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii – 22 degrees north latitude by 159 degrees west longitude.

‘Deep Water’ mixmaster Mike Shipley, along with Brad Blackwood, – who mastered ‘Deep Water’ – and Neal Capellino, win the 2012 GRAMMY award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for Alison Krause and Union Station’s “Paper Airplane”http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/b5hu3hpc8QO/54th+Annual+GRAMMY+Awards+Press+Room/FPw7gIqvp7O

Hawaii’s main surf news website Surf News Network posts a link to ‘The Longest Ride’. http://www.surfnewsnetwork.com/featured/the-longest-ride-a-rock-jazz-tribute-to-fallen-surfer-andy-irons-featuring-david-crosby-a-graham-nash

Radio play and Reviews for the new ‘Deep Water’ CD continue:

Longtime Hawaii and now Japan DJ Kamasami Kong plays ‘The Gift’ on his Pacific Oasis show. FM Cocolo Japan broadcasts all of Kansai including; Kobe, Nara, Kyoto and Osaka  http://www.cocolo.co.jp/ 

Kamasami Kong phone interview with AT to be broadcast March 3rd. He’ll be talking story with I, and playing the old chesnut ‘Coconut Culture’, plus ‘Deep Water’, ‘The Longest Ride’ and ‘Boyish Man’ from the new CD.

‘Deep Water’ contributing bassist James Hutch Hutchinson of the Bonnie Raitt band was guest DJ on the Aloha Friday Show with DJ Joel Agnew on Maui’s KAOI radio. Besides spinning new tracks from the new Raitt CD, they played ‘The Longest Ride’.

Scandinavian music company and website Hemifran, specializing in “gut music” and Americana, names ‘Deep Water’ album of the week. http://www.hemifran.com/album.html

DJ Peter van Zeijl of the Late Night Blues radio show out of Winschoten, the Netherlands is playing ‘Homegrown’http://www.folkenzo.net/Playlists.html

DJ Benny Sorensen of the Music From Coast To Coast Show out of Skagen Denmark is playing the instrumental track ‘Boyish Man‘.

DJ Karsten Rube of the folk, world, and jazz radio show Radio Skala in Germany is playing tracks from ‘Deep Water’.

DJ Paul van Gelder of Dutch Americana, soul, singer/songwriter radio show Roots Paradise is playing ‘The Longest Ride’. from the ‘Deep Water’ CD. http://paulvangelder.com/playlists.htm – http://www.rootsparadise.nl/paulvangelder/index.php

DJ Rein Wortelboer of the Netherlands country music radio show Peelgrass is playing ‘Other Than That’http://peelgras.home.xs4all.nl/playlistboard/playlists/play2917.htm

DJ Massimo Ferro of the Italian roots radio show Highway 61 is playing the title track ‘Deep Water’http://www.highway61.it/Highway61/Playlists%206/02.02.2012.htm

DJ Peter van Zeijl of the Americana/singer songwriter Folk en Zo radio show out of Winschoten, the Netherlands played ‘The Longest Ride’http://www.folkenzo.net/Playlists.html

Wildman Steve of the Auburn Alabama web based radio show Wildman Steve Radio is still playing ’The Longest Ride’, which reached #7 on his most-played charts. http://www.wildmansteve.com/

DJ Terry Brown of KKCR – Kauai Community Radio – spun ‘Boyish Man‘ on his Jazz and Blues Review Show. http://kkcr.org/schedule.htm

DJ  Bert van der Wijst of Netherlands radio show Peelstar Country Club is playing ‘Deep Water’, and ’The Longest Ride’ http://members3.boardhost.com/DCDJA/msg/1328911336.html – http://members3.boardhost.com/DCDJA/msg/1329516185.html

DJ Roberto  Rossi of the Mystery Train FM and streaming radio show in  Novi Ligure, Italy is playing ‘Homegrown’. Mystery Train is a program that deals with the roots of American music and offers a wide range of genres and styles. From Blues to Soul, from Rhythm’n’Blues to Gospel music, from jazz to rock and roll, from Country to Folk, from Rockbilly to Western Swing, from Tex-Mex to Cajun-Zydeco. http://www.radiopnr.it/programmi.php?id_programmi=17

DJ Maren Orion of KKCR – Kauai Community Radio – played ‘Everything Happens For A Reason‘ on her Acoustic Luau Show. http://kkcr.org/schedule.htm

DJ Vasja Ivanovski of the Skopje, Macedonia roots and Americana radio show Mojo Alt at 94.1 FM Radio 2, is playing ’The Longest Ride’.


Keys and Chords, a music website and magazine based in Belgium reviews ‘Deep Water’:

Some four decades ago, the Brooklyn-based guitarist and singer-songwriter released his first album. Previously, Thomas had many musical journeys. As a teenager he sang in a doo wop group, worked with the Texas producer Huey P Meaux, plunged into the folk scene of Greenwich Village, stood a while on the payroll of the Brill Building and performed in jazz clubs. After the break with his wife, the English singer-songwriter Carole Cook, with whom Thomas collaborated musically, he moved to Hawaii. That stay resulted in ‘Coconut Culture’ and production work for local artists.
The studio sessions of the new CD ‘Deep Water’ were again established with renowned musicians from the LA scene. Besides his loyal friends guitarist Bryan Kessler and keyboardist Michael Ruff, Graham Nash and David Crosby were willing to take care of the background vocals on “The Longest Ride”. Anjela Rose joins two songs, the title song and “It All Comes Down To Love’ for beautiful background vocals. The twelve songs bathe in a melodic cross-pollination of folk, jazz and a laid-back West Coast Idioms that at times bring James Taylor to mind, and also the analytical sophistication of Steely Dan. “Homegrown” a sweet ode to his own vegetable garden that Allan composed in ’76  is part of this timeless framework. Music that you does not immediately put you on the edge of your seat. The expertly detailed songs work as continued ripples on smooth Sapphire-sunlit water and makes for pleasurable listening moments. A tasteful blend of folk, jazz in a pleasant easygoing West Coast idiom. 3 of 4* – Cis Van Looy
Ikon – Music/film/blog site/magazine based in Sweden mentions ‘Deep Water’: Right Pleasant by Mattias Gustavsson:
Allan Thomas is an artist who began his musical career in the early 60’s. A long career has allowed Allan to this new fifth release, “Deep Water”. He received help from several musicians, like David Crosby and Graham Nash. Present are also members of Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, Van Morrison, James Taylor bands, and the drummer of the YellowJackets. The songs vary in both style and themes. “The Longest Ride” is a hip, a little jazzy tribute to the now-deceased surfing legend Andy Irons. “The Downturn” is a quieter track on the economic crisis that America is in. The music ranges from rock, jazz and blues. Catchy and quite pleasant. http://ikon1931.se/recensioner/ratt-trivsamt
Writer Czékus Mihály of Gondola, a Hungarian magazine/website mentions  ‘Deep Water’:

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‘Deep Water’ downloads of the full album and single-song tracks are now available at CD Baby @http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/AllanThomas – The babies are carrying the compact disc.

iTunes and Amazon.com,  are now also offering ‘Deep Water’ downloads with most other digital music distributers also online.  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/ASIN/B005ZXMMXA

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