NOVEMBER 2011 News

11/11/11 – Black Bamboo Recordings news flash: After almost three years in production we are thrilled to announce the release of Allan Thomas’ 5th studio album ‘Deep Water’.

Produced by Allan Thomas and mixed by Mike Shipley and Brian Wohlgemuth.

Due to a manufacturing error, the compact disc will now be available for purchase after November 18, 2011, with digital downloads available already in the stream.

Making good on his promise of releasing at least one album of original material each decade Allan gives us ‘Deep Water’. With the generous help of over twenty-one stellar musicians playing in top form, we find songs ranging in territory from ‘The Longest Ride’ – a rock-jazz tribute to fallen surfer Andy Irons, featuring backing vocals by David Crosby & Graham Nash, to ‘The Downturn’ – a tongue-in-cheek take on the current state of economic mayhem. The record also features several character-driven compositions, among them ‘Other Than That’ – a vocal and drums only litany on the worst aspects of some people we all know, set to a late ’50′s beat-poet jazz groove, and the wizened and weary weed smuggler confessional of the searing rock-blues ‘Monkey Business’. The many facets of romance are not forgotten here, with a first-time studio rendering of the 1979 introspective chestnut ‘Fall In Love Too Easy’, plus the lush and atmospherical title track ‘Deep Water’. ‘The Gift’ offers a bossanovaish and jazzy homage to new love, and rounding out the quartet is the ballad that endeavors to sum it all up with ‘It All Comes Down To Love’.

Besides the usual highly-skilled cast of AT bandmates including Michael Ruff and Bryan Kessler, the record also features members of the Bonnie RaittNeil YoungJames TaylorVan MorrisonCSN and Yellowjackets bands. The album contains 12 songs that span time from as recent as the summer of 2011 – to ‘Homegrown’ written in 1976.

Downloads of the album and single-song tracks are now available at The Allan Thomas Music Store @ – Here you can can listen to all tracks in their entirety, read stories about the writing and recording of the songs, plus find lyrics, credits and photos. Bandcamp offers downloads in 6 different compression file sizes to suit your bandwidth and preference, and you can pay by credit card or PayPal should you so desire. If you plan to download give Bandcamp a go, as they offer the highest-quality downloads, and host a great platform for independent artists to sell their music.

‘Deep Water’ downloads of the full album and single-song tracks are now available at CD Baby @ – The babies will carry the compact discs, Nov. 25th.

The record is now also available for listening and digital downloading through the Allan Thomas Music Facebook PAGE @

iTunes and,  are now also offering ‘Deep Water’ downloads with most other digital music distributers also online.

The album can be heard on Spotify and

Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the ‘Deep Water’ compact disc directly from Black Bamboo Recordings can always e-mail us @ or send a check for $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping & handling per CD in USA – and $12.00 plus $5 for S&H outside USA to: Black Bamboo Recordings – po box 785 – Hanalei, HI. 96714 – USA

For those interested in purchasing more than one copy of ‘Deep Water’ – or any of Allan’s other CD’s for that matter – we are offering discounts of $10.00 each CD plus shipping.

Pre-orders are now being accepted should anyone want to assure their very own copy before they sell out  – We can hear the hordes of voracious CD-seeking fans approaching our doorsteps at this very moment…

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Here’s the lineup and particulars, enjoy…


Produced by Allan Thomas


Allan Thomas – vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, percussion, koto, sitar, pads, bells, tabla, tambura

David Crosby & Graham Nash – backing vocals ≈ The Longest Ride

Anjela Rose – backing vocals ≈ Deep Water, It all Comes Down To Love,

Caz West – backing vocals ≈ Homegrown

Michael Ruff – piano, fender rhodes, accordion, organ, clavinet, wurlitzer electric piano

James Raymond – acoustic piano ≈ The Longest Ride

Bryan Kessler – electric guitar ≈  The Longest Ride, Fall In Love Too Easy, The Gift. backing vocals ≈ The Gift

Ken Emerson – slide guitar ≈ Boyish Man

Jeff Richman  – electric lead & rhythm guitar ≈ Soldier Of Misfortune

Kirk Smart – Telecaster electric guitar ≈ Homegrown, bottleneck slide guitar, lap steel ≈ Monkey Business

Sylvain Carton – tenor sax ≈ The Gift, It All Comes Down To Love

Judd Miller – EVI muted trumpet, glass pads ≈ Deep Water. chromatic harmonica & brass pads ≈ Boyish Man

JP Allen – harmonica ≈ Monkey Business

Jimmy Johnson – bass ≈ Deep Water, The Longest Ride, Homegrown, Soldier Of Misfortune, Boyish Man, It All Comes Down To Love

James “Hutch” Hutchinson – bass ≈ Everything Happens For A Reason, Fall in Love Too Easy, The Gift

Rick Rosas – bass ≈ Monkey Business

Cliff Hugo – bass ≈ The Downturn

Trey Thompson – bowed upright bass ≈ Homegrown

William Kennedy – drums ≈ The Longest Ride, Fall In Love Too Easy, Boyish Man, It All Comes Down To Love

Joel Taylor – drums ≈ Deep Water, Everything Happens For A Reason, Homegrown, Soldier Of  Misfortune, Other Than That

Rick Shlosser – drums ≈ The Gift, The Downturn, Monkey Business


Mixed by Mike Shipley and Brian Wohlgemuth at the Living Room, Los Angeles CA.

Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters Memphis Tenn.

Photography  ≈ Jim Shea

Graphic art ≈ Frank and Audrey Gauna

Recorded by Allan Thomas, Stephen Barncard, Ron Pendragon, Paul Tavenner, Dave Russell, John Prpich, Richard Bosworth, Chris West, Ken Basman, Michael Ruff, Joel Taylor, Jimmy Johnson, Judd Miller, James Raymond, Cliff Hugo.

All songs by Allan Thomas © 2011 Black Bamboo Music – BMI except:

The Gift by AT & Randy Handley ≈ Randy Handley Music – BMI

Soldier Of Misfortune by AT & Bryan Kessler ≈ Bryan Kessler Music – ASCAP


1 – Deep Water – 5:26

2 – Everything Happens For A Reason – 5:07

3 – The Longest Ride – 5:03

4 – Fall In Love Too Easy – 4:48

5 – Homegrown – 3:35

6 – Soldier Of Misfortune – 5:18

7 – The Gift – 5:29

8 – Boyish Man – 6:09

9 – The Downturn – 5:11

10 – Monkey Business – 5:07

11 – It All Comes Down To Love – 5:33

12 – Other Than That – 4:28

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