JUNE 2011 News

6/13/11 – Black Bamboo Studio News: The recording segment of the upcoming ‘Deep Water’ CD is nearing completion, with only two bass tracks, and four drum tracks remaining. It’s been a long haul, but worth every minute of it.

The ever deep-grooving Michael Ruff laid down some funky Fender Rhodes on the instrumental track ‘Boyish Man’, followed by noted LA session master Judd Miller, playing chromatic harmonica and brass pads through his EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument). Needless to say, the boys added some major flavor to the track. Both players have been recording on AT records since the 1989 release of ‘The Island’, and I’m still as excited today as I was then by their fresh and inventive contributions to the tunes.

Jimmy Johnson – longtime bassist for James Taylor – is slated to record his signature deep-in-the-pocket bass parts on ‘Boyish Man’ and the Andy Irons tribute song ‘Rip In Peace’. Rumor still has it that David Crosby might be adding his storied vocals to ‘RIP’. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed on this one, try that sometime!

Singer songwriter and Kauai songbird Anjela Rose, found time between making her first solo record and becoming a new mom, to bring her expressive and soulful voice to the title track ‘ Deep Water’.

LA based drummer Joel Taylor brought his exceptional feel and taste to two more songs on the record, with fluid yet oh so solid performances on ‘Soldier Of Misfortune’ and ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’.

Veteran mix master Mike Shipley and his deft assistant Brian Wohlgemuth, are slated to mix the ‘Deep Water’ CD upon completion. Two noted records that were mixed by this dream team in the last year are the new Alison Krause and Union Station record, and the new Maroon Five CD. So, as before, I know I am in good hands.

And speaking of being in good hands: Stephen Barncard – a man of many many hats, all worn well – has mixed a 60’s “retro” version of ‘Class Of ’65’the unfinished out-take song from the 1988 ‘The Island’ sessions, which was finally finished in 2011. That’s what I call Hawaiian time! Also on the same note, Brian Wohlgemuth is mixing a “modern” version of the song, with both versions available as a download upon mastering.

Other studio news: AT finishes recording and production work on singer songwriter Stephen Connella‘s upcoming first CD. The record is being mixed by Stephen Barncard in SF and mastered by Dave Collins in LA.

Mr. Barncard has created a web page for the new Black Bamboo Haberdashery, purveyors of fine Black Bamboo Recordings logo tee shirts, tank tops and longsleeves. To view or order said shirts you can visit: http://www.allanthomas.com/merch/

Extra extra news: AT is named first featured music artist at Walking Tiger Presents. The consistently cool web based entertainment site is featuring several of my past and present music videos. From short experimental films, and top-notch animation, to films on travel, sports, nature, and documentary, Walking Tiger Presents is full of quality content. Check them out.

The opening Allan Thomas music video is ‘The Downturn‘, directed by Teri Tico. The song was released in August of 2010 as the first single download from the upcoming CD. This version of the video was a quick edit from the first day of shooting back in early 2010. Since then there have been three more action-packed days of filming. Unfortunately due the director having a string of computer problems we are currently unable to complete the new edits. You may well ask, why release this version now? Well, I wanted the video to be seen while there still was a downturn. Turns out I need not worry about the the economy changing any time soon! Will update to the latest version as it becomes available. Big mahalos to Teri Tico, and Steve Booth.

http://walkingtiger.com/ or http://walkingtiger.com/allan-thomas-featured-musical-artist/

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