MARCH 2011 News

3/13/2011 – Want to report a few cool additions to the new ‘Deep Water’ record in the recent months: Longtime AT album sideman and Fender slide master, Ken Emerson, was on Kauai to add his wicked lap steel chops to a Darryl Hall Kauai segment of Darryl’s internet hit show “Live From Darryl’s House”, featuring Todd Rundgren. Knowing Ken was going to be back on island really got my wheels spinning, and immediately immersed myself in prepping the 11th and final song on the upcoming record for Ken to work his mojo on. Even though the dude battled a flu, he made sure to drop by Black Bamboo Studios, and I can guarantee you he did not let up or let down, and probably lost a pound or two in sweat alone. Always a special treat to have Ken’s colorful playing on my songs, not to mention the hang itself. The song we recorded is an as-yet untitled instrumental track in A minor, that I have been performing as my opener for the last four years or so. You’d think I’d have a title by now, but I’m still waiting for it to come…

It’s my ultra good fortune to have the very talented James Raymond track some tasty and soulful acoustic grand piano on my Andy Irons tribute song ‘Rip In Peace’. James is the older son of David Crosby, and was in the critically acclaimed trio CPR up until recently, along with David and Jeff Pevar. When he is not gigging in a jazz band, writing songs, or soundtracks for movies, James tours with CSN and is co-producing David Crosby’s new solo CD. Really stoked to have James remarkable playing gracing this tune.

And speaking of incredibly good fortune, looks like David Crosby is going to sing some backing vocals on ‘Rip In Peace’, possibly during the next break in the Crosby Nash tour in April. Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this.

My extra-longtime buddy and musical collaborator Bryan Kessler, flew over from Oahu in January to add his stunning influence on ‘Rip In Peace’. The guitar ace employed my Sadowsky Tele Standard electric and Carr tube amp to wondrous effect, and overcame his hesitance to be the first musician to track after myself. Also had Bryan help me sing backing vocals on ‘The Gift’, copying some of our parts from the 1988 demo. Figure myself to be blessed in many many ways, and to count these cats as my friends and compadre’s in music, is just beyond my comprehension. Gratitude abides right here.

Two songs from ‘Coconut Culture’ have been selected to be part of the soundtrack for a Kauai DVD produced and filmed by Gerry Charlebois, owner of Birds In Paradise ultralight trike excursions. The title of the film is Kauai Unveiled. The two songs chosen are ‘Coconut Culture’ and the instrumental featuring Ken Emerson on National Steel, ‘Ka Wai Aloha’.

And finally, to satisfy the wild and unprecedented craving for more AT offerings, we bring you the new Black Bamboo Haberdashery. Our first release is the super cool Black Bamboo Recordings logo tee shirt. The BBR record company logo was designed by George Gruel in 1988, while creating the graphic art for ‘The Island‘ CD. These black short sleeve, tank top and long sleeve pre-shrunk shirts are 100% cotton. Frontal view has Black Bamboo Recordings logo only and back view has logo plus the text – Black Bamboo Recordings, Hanalei, Kauai – in white lettering. Currently stocking Small, Medium, Large, XL and XX Large. Cost is $22 per tee shirt and tank top and $27 per long sleeve, including shipping & handling – more beyond the USA. For Kauai locals not requiring mail service, reduce the price per garment by $5. Those interested please email, connect through my Facebook page or @ – checks and PayPal are accepted, and of course we wouldn’t turn down the occasional gold nugget or colored diamond!

For orders of $100 or more we will include a free ‘Brooklyn Boy In Paradise’ hand-burned CD.

We appreciate your ongoing support, and want you to know that all profits from sales of these shirts will go towards putting finishing touches on the nearly complete ‘Deep Water’ record.

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