DECEMBER 2010 News

2010/12/12  – Its been one hell of a ride here at Black Bamboo Recordings these last couple of months. If you think that all we do here is frolic in the sand and surf all day, well think again: we never stop. Even in the water we are constantly working; dreaming ideas, writing lyrics, and scheming ways to make AT’s music recognized the world over – or at least the neighborhood over. The following are some news nuggets that we wanted to share:

Joel Taylor, a wonderfully gifted and in-the-pocket drummer from Los Angeles – has imprinted his signature groove on ‘Deep Water’ and ‘Homegrown’, for CD#6, which the suits over here at Black Bamboo have now decided to call ‘Deep Water’. You can bet Joel will be playing on some other tracks in the near future.

On November 2nd of this year, local Hanalei surfer and three-time world champion Andy Irons, passed on. It rocked and shocked a lot of people all over the surfing world, including yours truly. On November 14th the Irons ohana (family) hosted a farewell tribute at Pinetrees surf break at Hanalei Bay. Thousands of people came to say Aloha O’e to brudda Andy. It was a chicken-skin, lump-in-the-throat kind of day. Over a thousand surfers paddled out just beyond the surf break on a rising swell to where Andy’s brother and wife poured his ashes overboard from an outrigger canoe. An incredibly deeply moving experience to say the very least. That day I will remember as surreal from beginning to end. I began writing what was to become my next song that morning in my van at my usual spot at the Hanalei river mouth after surfing at dawn. Today, exactly one month later, the song is complete. I call it ‘Rip In Peace’, it is my tribute, I guess you could say, to Andy, and have started recording it as song #10 on the new record.

Local videographers Terry Lilly and Wilkie McClaren created this Andy Irons tribute video using my instrumental ‘Ka Wai Aloha’ in the second half of the video:

DJ Steve Murray from 2SSR-FM radio in New South Wales Australia, played the 1st single from the new ‘Deep Water’ CD – ‘The Downturn’ on his independent and alternative music show Saturday Arvo:

Again local videographer team Terry Lilley and Wilkie McClaren team up to create this cool video featuring renowned surfer/shaper Billy Hamilton and his partner Sava the surfing dog, as they tear it up in the fall waves at Hanalei Bay. The soundtrack is my song ‘Old Dog New Trick’ from the ‘Making Up For Lost Time’ CD.

‘Making Up For Lost Time’ goes into it’s second printing. We want to thank each and every one of you – yes all nine hundred and ninety one of you – for making it happen!

Until next time – a hui ho – AT

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